Finding a person who is completely satisfied with their body is likely as winning the lottery. No matter what their age, must women feel unfairly bothered by something: back of arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks or all of the above for many. Over 50%, for reasons of genetics, will never be able to make these bulges budge even with all diets and exercises in the world.

For this reason, we have made it a priority at our Medical Center to be the best in the field of non-invasive facial and body contouring in the region. Our machines our hand-picked, FDA-approved, safe and provide consistent results for all who are treated. Our level of excellence in care is unmatched, and we provide a personalized plan for every client. As people become busier in this fast-paced world, we are less patient with downtime involved after most surgical procedures, which provides us with an exponentially growing niche in the field of body contouring.

Albeit, we are professional enough to know our limits, so if a patient is not an ideal candidate for non-invasive body contouring, we refer to our Board-Certified Surgeons for their stellar expertise. At Sulaiman AL Habib Medical Center, we are truly multi-disciplinary in our approach for optimal patient satisfaction and results.

The first machine in our armamentarium against fat is the non-invasive revolutionary coolsculpting. This was invented Harvard Medical School and it works on the premise that freezing fat will result in a 5-29% permanent fat cell loss in a treated area. Ideally, the patient should wait 2 months to see the final result. It is only contra-indicated in patients with an umbilical hernia or in patients with cryoglobulinemia. It is perfect for a patient who is close to ideal body weight but has stubborn areas of fat that do not resolve with diet and exercise.

The other machine we have is Velashape 2/3, which is an FDA-approved device for Body contouring and cellulite reduction. It is called the “Body after Baby” machine. It is quite popular in the States for “High Profile” patients that need to get back into shape quickly after having a baby. In combination with coolsculpting, we achieve synergistic results, and we are the only Center in Dubai with both devices under one roof.

Last but not the least is Ulthera, another FDA-approved device developed in Harvard, which is ideal for lifting loose and saggy tissues. It is currently used on the head and neck, but it is also used to lift saggy arms, décolleté and thighs and knees. The results from Ulthera can last years beyond the time of the treatment. There isn’t any downtime associated with this procedure, and it is one of the highest-rated in terms of patient satisfaction in both the Unites States and Europe.

While all the new body-contouring devices all aim to take off inches, doctors are up-front that none of them produce the dramatic results achieved with liposuction and face-lifting surgeries. Still, non-surgical options represent a bona-fide phenomenon. “If you can get near lipo results at a fraction of the cost and with no downtime, there’s value there,” says Grant Stevens MD, clinical professor of plastic surgery at US California. Indeed, while lipo requires anesthesia, up to a week out of commission, and another few weeks in a girdle, patients who’ve experienced one of the new non-invasive treatments generally hop off the table and go back to work immediately.

I must emphasize that NONE of these machines are good for people who are fat. This is not about weight reduction, it’s about sculpting. I like to also tell patients that this is just beginning of what’s to come. “It’s like a cell phone in the 1980s, now it’s an iphone.” but rest assure, the latest and most advanced non-invasive technologies will always be available at Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Center.

– Dr. Razan Kadry MD, FAAD


There was a time not too long ago when injecting your face with botulinum toxin was considered an extreme and quite possibly dangerous path to beauty. Now Botox is a fixed part of women’s beauty vocabulary and you’ll be hard stretched to find a woman over 35 (or even 25 in some places!) that hasn’t made the seasonal Botox touch up a regular part of her skincare routine.

Of course there are pressures for women to look younger and personally I feel it’s perfectly natural for everyone to want to look and feel youthful and fresh for as long as possible. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wanting to look worn and haggard when you’re full of energy inside; even if that means making the most of what the cosmetics industry and modern medicine have to offer. When administered correctly and in moderation, Botox is a wonderful face refresher and can be virtually undetectable. Whilst it’s practically become a synonym for wrinkle correction in the past decade, it seems that the perks of Botox aren’t just skin deep. “The beauty of Botox is in its temporary nature,” says American Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Razan Kadry. “You can explore alternative treatments without the risk of potential regret!” Read on as she reveals six unexpected health and beauty uses for this wonder jab.

1- Excessive Sweating
Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis can be reduced in one session with Botox injections directly in the affected areas, usually palms, underarms and soles of the feet. The effects can be life-changing and last for months.

2- Sagging Neck
The neck is one of the first places to show signs of ageing and can be the hardest to treat. Botox can be injected in to the platysmal muscles in the neck to smooth wrinkles and sagging skin and seemingly “lift” the entire area.

3- Nose Correction
Depending on the anatomy of your face, Botox can be used to raise the tip of your nose. By paralysing the depressor muscle, the nose will stay raised even when smiling. The effects can last between six to eight months and the risks are minimal compared to surgical options.

4- Correcting a Protruding Chin or Overly Muscular Jaw
Botox can be used to reshape the lower third of the face as it can change the physical mass of the muscle and make it less prominent. The results also last around six to eight months.

5- Obesity
Although it’s not readily available as yet, numerous studies have shown that when Botox was injected in to the stomach muscles of obese adults, the patients felt significantly more full for longer after eating, in turn helping them to lose weight.

6- “Gummy” Smile
For those that have an excessively “gummy” smile, Botox can be used to relax the muscles and decrease the amount of gum area shown by reducing the elevation of the lip when smiling.

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A new skin regimen available from doctors can effectively treat a common type of discoloration. Twenty-seven people who had moderate to severe melasma underwent one to four sessions of Illuminase—a combination of microdermabrasion, treatment with a low-energy YAG laser, and ongoing skin care (hydroquinone, Retin-A, and sunscreen). Despite previous failure with other therapies, such as hydroquinone alone, everyone improved, and 44 percent of them experienced near-complete clearance of their condition, says Arielle Kauvar, clinical professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center. More aggressive treatments, including peels, Intense Pulsed Light, and various lasers, may actually worsen melasma because they cause inflammation, which stimulates pigment production, Kauvar warns. Women interested in Illuminase should go to a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in YAG lasers, she says, adding that sun protection is crucial to prevent melasma’s recurrence.

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