Dr. Razan’s treatment plan has been the only one that has ever been truly effective for me. I’ve seen many other dermatologists before, and most of them prescribed various creams that they formulated themselves (and were such a hassle to apply 2x daily) or painful injections directly unto pimples. Not only were these treatments expensive, but at most they only solved my acne problem for about a week. After that time span, most of my pimples would return and it would just seem like a lot of wasted time and money spent on their program. But not so with Dr. Razan’s prescriptions. The medicines she give me are affordable, they don’t require effort to apply daily, and most importantly, are effective. I’ve been taking her regimen for 5 months now and I rarely ever get any growths of pimples. A lot of people have said that my appearance has greatly improved and that I look like a completely different person. Another testament to this happened when I went to dubai police for renewal of police clearance. They wouldn’t believe that I’m the same person, because I still had many pimples in my old photograph in their system. They kept asking “are you sure this is you?!”

I would definitely recommend Dr. Razan to others who are seeking dermatologic care. I am sure that she can bring about as much positive change in you as she was able to do for me.